Civil and Industrial Electronics

Innovative hardware e software for industrial and civil use

We develop comprehensive solutions

Design - Production - Certification



Research & Develop

This is certainly one of the most important investment entries on the Lomar balance sheet but essential to making available to our customers a team of engineers who, with the aid of cutting-edge hardware and software, enable us to tackle every design challenge within our areas of expertise.



Production autonomy, control over quality and production times are the necessary conditions for rapid market response and keepin abreast of innovation. Designed and built with the most sophisticated systems made available by modern technology, our equipment fully complies with the quality and operation expectations of our customers who, since 1983, value our professionalism and the excellent value for money of our offer on the market.



To certify the quality of our products and their compliance with theEU legislation in force on CE marking, we rely exclusively on internal staff and our regularly tested and meticulously calibrated laboratory equipment, essential conditions for being sure of what we do and of our guarantees

Sectors of Application

Industrial automation

Industrial automation has been our core business since 1984. We analyse the ideas of our customers, developing innovative solutions and evaluating the services that our organization is able to offer as a necessary investment to guarantee a commercial future for the finished product. Experience and innovation are translated into finished products of excellent quality and reliability.

Energy conversion

We design and produce high-performance AC-DC, linear or switching converters for lighting and electronic applications.


Our expandable software enable complete integration with any control system, giving our engineers the opportunity of defining, optimizing and streamlining work and control operations.

Pre-assembled cables

For anyone who needs clarity and speed in electrical connections, we produce on-board cables and connections even in small series and adapted to every operating demand. Precision of detail and easy identification of connections, with custom inkjet cable markings, all created in a fully automated department for cutting to size, exfoliation and assembly of connectors according to customer requirements.

Electromedical products

We operate in this field alongside sector experts to develop or improve solutions to be applied in the field to advance patient wellbeing, creating equipment for non-ablative dermatological electrosurgery intended for cosmetic and/or therapeutic skin procedures, such as blepharoplasty, face and body lifts, removal of skin imperfections (moles, acne, warts, skin fibromas, scars, tattoos, etc.), equipment for carboxytherapy, for cosmetic skin procedures using the subcutaneous injection of CO2 and electronic instruments for measuring body fat (plicometry) and waist and hip circumference.


Panels and modules for the replacement and repair of junction boxes for existing PV installations.


Production 100%
Made in Brescia

In a market increasingly oriented towards imported goods and outsourced assembly, Lomar guarantees products that are 100% Made in Brescia, with large organised work spaces and cutting-edge machinery.

Automation for

Louvre screen and brise soleil

Thanks to our know-how we realize motor control circuitcustomizable for brise soleils and louvre screens .

With our internal machining department we realize all mechanical components for offer custom solutions for shielding buildings from the sun

Solutions and products

With over 30 years' experience in the sector, we create all kinds of customized hardware & software solutions and electronic equipment; PLCs, controllers, switching power supply units...

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