In addition to industrial electronics and the production of LED lighting, Lomar also produces brise soleils and louvre screens with adjustable inclination to protect building facades from direct sunlight, thus reducing the overheating of interior environments, improving comfort and reducing energy consumption, with the added benefit of the element of design that increases the aesthetic impact of the building. This solution can be adapted to any type of construction and is particularly suited to the continuous facades and large windows typical of commercial or public buildings.

Lomar is able to provide a custom solution for the whole building, thanks to our recently created internal machining department and the fact that the electronic control component is produced entirely by our company, guaranteeing a product of the highest quality.

The system is made up of aluminium uprights, machined to measure on the basis of the dimensions required for the building and 6 metres long, which support the slats that function as a louvre screen, also created from elliptical aluminium profiles available in various sizes and finishes, which can be inclined as desired to adjust the level of light required, from open, to allow maximum light to enter, to closed, to prevent the passage of light completely.

The slats are adjusted by means of electric rod actuators controlled electronically by a customized system consisting of a motor control circuit board fitted with communication bus and membrane keyboards. The system is completed with hardware and accessories in metal or plastic, including caps, rotation pins, connector rods etc. for the finish and the simultaneous movement of the slats.